Success Secrets of Traveller | English

Success  Secrets of Traveller

1_ Imagination.

The first thing a traveler does is to dream. They close their eyes and dream. It is such a dream that you dream. It is such a dream that the birds give up their wings, by saying “I have not flown so far!” It is such a dream that the imagination is a challenge, by saying “How did I discover them?” The flowers, the oceans and the sun shamed herself, bu saying “We can not open it, can not move, can not grow!” and nature surrenders, by saying “Explore!”

2_ Believe that you can do it.

We dreamed it, now it’s time to make it real. Let’s start with feeling the first call, from the soles of your feet to the tip of your hair, you need to feel it until your bone. Think about the challenges you face in your life and stop and look at yourself. Despite everything, you could breath and get through all of the things you said “Difficult, I can not do this load too heavy!” Just like this, you can leave the boundaries that cause your negative thinking to one side and just believe you can do it.

3­_ Make a plan.

Now grab your coffee and water and make a plan with a clean head. When setting up the plan, it shouldn’t be like I’m going to have dinner at that time or I’m going to have tea at that hour. The plan should be in two forms: a-Short Term Plans: This weekend I will examine a street I have never been in the city or village that I am currently in, I will pass at least three courses over 80% in my exams, this week I will call my friends that I haven’t call for a long time (you’ve just stopped and think, right? Your friends you have not called for a long time, your relatives come to mind, aren’t they? Or you’ve noticed that you call only when you needed them!) b-Long Term Plans: I will finish this four-year university in 4 years, before 60 I will travel to 60 countries.

4_ Go to practice.

Now we’ve got the plan, it’s time to move on. Do small things for your happiness, for your dreams and for yourself everyday, do it every day, even if it is small. We usually do not  remember our long-term plans until the last day and it always ends with if only. Do something for not to say if only. If there are moments when you feel you can not do it have a look your dreams, I’m sure they will keep you alive.

5_ Freedom.

If you make your plans done, you’ll be freedom. Everybody’s understanding of freedom is decisive, for me freedom to run barefoot at the seaside, watch the sunrise, the sunset from the extreme point of the region. Examining the depths, challenging with heights. Freedom to disappear in the depths of the stars in the summer evenings. Freedom is in love with the blue of the sky and the orange of the sun.

6_ Happiness.

The most crucial point is happiness. What about happiness? Happiness is to read books by leaning on the old trees, find the music you are looking for ages. To get wet in the rain, to fall in the snow. Happiness is fearlessness. Deal with other creatures, to feel it. Eating apples, smile while looking at people. Making friends from all over the world, yearning after years by looking at your picture album.  Happiness is saying “Wow! I did this too! ” instead of if only. The greatest happiness for me is to be a worthy son to my mom.


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